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Chief Executive Officer

Diego Diaz Baldasso

Diego is a seasoned O&G business leader with a track record of success in both domestic and international markets. With expertise in Oil & Gas Exploration, Development, Production Operations, and General Management, Diego brings a unique blend of technical and executive skills. Holding an MBA from Northwestern-Kellogg and BS/MS degrees in Physics from Instituto Balseiro, Argentina, Diego is well-equipped for complex challenges.


Notable Highlights:

    •    Led the largest natural gas producer in Bolivia, securing a dominant position in the country’s Oil & Gas sector. Successfully negotiated contract extensions and secured valuable exploration blocks.
   •    As Managing Director of Akakus Oil Operations in Libya, led the company to achieve record production levels of over 350,000 bopd. Akakus is one of the largest, most complex and security-sensitive operations in the world. 
   •    Directed the evaluation for the acquisition of the Shenzi deepwater asset, one of the most prolific oilfields in the US Gulf of Mexico, resulting in substantial value creation and North American growth.


In summary, Diego’s career in the O&G sector is marked by his diverse skill set, technological edge, and a track record of delivering outstanding results in challenging environments. His strategic vision and ability to navigate complex negotiations and operations make him a sought-after expert in the Oil & Gas industry, capable of driving sustainable success for his clients.

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